Sewing patterns are products that are permanently inscribed in everyday lives of sewing enthusiasts – working in large companies, small dressmaker shops, as well as those who sew for themselves at home. Nuance sewing patterns were made mainly for hobbysts who want to sew beautiful creations for themselfs and their loved ones.

Our patterns were created in a digital form, ready to be print on your home printer. To be more beginner friendly we also include a sewing instruction to every one of our pattern, which illustrates sewing process step by step.

Each of our designs were sewed by us and tested on a model, who has measurements consistent with our size chart.

Terms of use of our products:

  • You MAY use our patterns and sewing instructions to make products for yourself and your family.
  • You MAY sell products made by yourself with this pattern, but mass production is not allowed.
  • You MAY NOT sell or redistribute this pattern and instruction under no circumstances.