We are two enthusiasts that share a passion for creating clothes. Although we were born at different times and have different education, we feel equally unsatisfied with, widely understood, tailoring and fashion education here in Poland. Subjects that we want to write about are based on our experiences gained during implementation of our professional projects. Information shared on this blog will be related to garment industry as well as made to measure clothes. There are many common things in these fields, so it’s good to know them both and be able to make a good use of this knowledge.

You will find here tips on how to alter sewing patterns, and together we will take a look at different body silhouettes. We will repeat the basics of fabrics, become acquainted with technical innovations, and also deepen our knowledge about sewing process itself. Anyone who is passionate, intrigued, and some times also irritated by making clothes – this blog is for you.

The Authors:


Nuance - tailoring, made to measure clothesFor over 25 years now she fiercely analyzes different body shapes, making a living by sewing made to measure clothes. She gladly helps designers and fashion companies prepare custom sewing patterns. Ania is however most passionate about a production preparation process – the adaptation of technology to the best possible, in terms of aesthetic and economic, completion of a project.


Nuance - sewing patterns, sewing blogSewing has been her hobby for over 10 years now, but only after becoming acquainted with pattern making she felt on the right track. She had a brief fling with making artistic costumes, but now she sews mostly for herself and her family. As an IT specialist by education Gosia is not afraid of modern technologies, and therefore will be dealing with the technical side of this project.